Michael and Terry

Aaah, I just find this pic adorable! <3 :D

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the_thina: haha, michaels smile and terrys eyes. ^^

MontyPython93 at 4:59 am July 14

I wonder what they're doing... xD

the_thina at 5:34 am July 23

looks like michael thinks terry needs a shave

MontyPython93 at 2:01 pm July 23

Yes maybe xD

Jatta: oh yes, I really think adorable is the right word for this :)

Anything goes...

christinah3000: LOL - yes, they are cute!

Leapy Lee: Michael's smile is the best, ever ^^

Tax all people who stands in water !

armenia67 at 11:11 am July 01

God, they're cuter than ever!!! Talk about your dream 3-way!