Monty Python 40 Years - Cake!

I celebrated with this, It's a rat-cake..! ;) How did you guys celebrate, if you did? :)

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Tanya_Birklid19: It completely went over my head! GRRRRR! How did I forget about it???? damn.
Lovely cake, though. :)

MontyPython93 at 8:20 am October 07

Celebrate now :D A day or two isn't so very very important^^

CamelSpotter: Really looks delicious. I'll have a slice without so much rat in it.

Speaking of food, I ate egg and Spam for breakfast, and some blancmanges for dessert later. I watched Graham's "Looks Like a Brown Trouser Job" on the 4th, and then Flying Circus on the 5th. I also spent a considerable amount of time singing/humming/whistling Python songs!

Videor Quaero Punctume

MontyPython93 at 8:19 am October 07

Naaw you all flatter me! I'm not a very good baker, but I succeded with this one :D It is love in that cake, this girls love, and this girls care and...*dies*

Lady April: I celebrated by getting all resentful at everyone, including all Python members, that they (excepting Cleese) and those of ya'all going get to goto London for some stuff - Bugger off then! HMPH!



Johnnyrose at 3:44 pm October 06

... so sweet!

"Welease Bwian!"

Lady April at 9:35 am October 07


irishlooney: Can send me over a piece? Hahahaha!! XD XD I celebrated by watching the first Python episode aired exactly 40 years after it first aired at 10.50pm last night!! :D

MontyPython93 at 8:15 am October 07

Why didn't I think of that..? :O

Johnnyrose: Let the party beguins!!!
Nice cake, 93!
But tell me, did it taste as good as it looks?
I'll gladely acept a slice!! ;o)

"Welease Bwian!"

MontyPython93 at 8:14 am October 07

It was tastier then it looks^^ I want a piece now, but I ate it all up yesterday...><

flopsy_mrs: looks deliceus xd :) verry nice !!! :)

gr iris

like it bloody repeets

christinah3000: LOL


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