My brain hurts today...><

I was with my friends yesterday, and we watched four movies: Life of Brian, Pulp Fiction, Across The Universe and Brokeback Mountain. When we watched the last one (BBM), all of us started to cry so hard! :'( And the clock showed 05.15, and we were just so damn tired and sad, and everything was so weird...anyway, when I woke up the next day (or the same day...) I had such a headache, and I still have.
I don't know why I'm posting brain hurts too much so I can't think xD

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The Ex-Leper: I always cry during the Let it Be scene in Across the Universe it is just so powerful with that black lady who has an AMAZING voice belting out the lyrics and the song is one of my favorite songs of all times original and Across the Universe version and it is just so I am about to cry now... : )


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housepet1: BUT.... Always look on the bright side of life!

Johnnyrose: I also cried when I saw Life of Bian for the first time...poor Brian... ;o)

Lady April at 2:03 pm November 06

Smart Ass!!!!!! LMAO

housepet1: I cried the very first time I saw this movie in the theater! Ang Lee did a wonderful job. But wow, such diverse movies in one go! You must be made of steel!

MontyPython93 at 2:41 am November 07

naah, one time I watched 17 movies in two days :O That's my record xD

Lady April: I'd call it an extremem overload of emotion if you sat and watched all those movies in a sitting DAYAM!!! that is a lot to deal with. None of those movies are crap either, all very good!

mrsCutout: I love this movie! And all the previous. It is realy realy sad epsecialy when i know heath is gone!I'd love to watch "DOCTOR PARNASSUS"

Dirty Knife at 9:44 am November 06

Yeah! BBM gets me every time. It's a tear jerker, and such a great movie. People made such a big deal about the gay cowboys, making fun of it and all. But it is great story telling. Great actors. I cried when Heath died, he was so good in Brokeback. I miss him.