What Python Are You Most Like? (And Why)

Oh jibberyschticks!

I don't think I've ever seen a topic like this in the forums or anything (If there have been, well...oh well..)

Well, I think I'll start:

I think (and have been told) that I am most like the python TERRY GILLIAM.

Basic Why(s):

Well, for one, I would totally wear that orange parka. Second, I love to draw and make up stories; and one of my favorite things to do on my sims 2 game is to create a house or a city from the ground up, and decorate it and create characters (usually bending over backwards to find the right clothing on the internet for my sims to wear to fit the little movies and stories I'm making) I like to be in charge of the art I create, and I like to experiment (You guys haven't really seen all the things I like to try and create, so I can understand it's hard for everyone to try and picture, er...whatever.

Complex Why(s):

In seeing many interviews with the pythons, every time Gilliam came on to give his views on things like politics or religion or art, I'd find myself agreeing with him to the fullest extent. I think that everyone should HAVE a sense of humor, I think that religion is corrupt, I think that everyone should be able to have a laugh at whatever they want to and no one should be offended (Because it's FUNNY).

Sorry for longish post.

Now it's your turn ^__^

Which python are YOU like, and WHY??


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kisch: I have the most silmilarities with John. Not physically, no.
I've got a logical mind, I love planning, I've got some difficulties in expressing my emotions, I can be very cruel and cold, but I'm actually "a cutie" (as Eric said about him). Oh, and I love Michael Palin.

So, yes, I'm mostly like John:)

I know I talk too much about Michael Palin...

crzyltvn: I love to travel and learn of new cultures. I can't help but sing and be around music. I like to draw/doodle. I'm a bit of a history nerd (but not when it comes to remembering dates). I'm incredibely silly (that's what my friends say). So, it seems like I'd be a bit like all. Does that count as an answer?

Well you're dead now, so shut up!

CamelSpotter: Unfortunately, I don't quite have an answer to match. Like Lemming, I rather feel that I am far beneath the Pythons's godly existence. (Stop groveling!) Seriously though, one of the reasons I like Python is because I recognize in them all that I am not. I believe the Pythons are strong role models. So if you don't mind, my response to this question will be a little different; I'll give particular aspects I admire about each person (alphabetically, not in order of preference).

Graham Chapman: Self-assured. He was comfortable being gay, and that level of confidence is remarkable. And it's not every man that's willing to deliver a "speech" dressed as a carrot...

John Cleese: Intuitive, thinks ahead ("Well, that's planning, innit? Forethought!"). The first one to suggest that FC should not drag on, for fear that it would lose its...well, Pythonesque...qualities. Same with Fawlty Towers. He knew when it was time to stop without overdoing anything.

Eric Idle: Ambitious. Among (many) other things, he created Spamalot and Not the Messiah, recognizing the strong fan base (and having fun himself, of course).

Terry Jones: Very opinionated. His political columns also demonstrate his eloquence. I respect strong views.

Michael Palin: Open-minded, wants to make a difference in the world.

Terry Gilliam: Visionary. You all know what I'm talking about. (Yes, I'm also getting lazy towards the end here.)

Truly an inspiration.

Videor Quaero Punctume

Mr Nudge at 9:17 am April 09

...*sniffle* that is SO beautiful T_____T

I think they're all fantastic. Sometimes I watch them on TV and I simply think how funny they are and how silly they can be. But other times when I watch them, they seem (always) intelligent creative and amazing people. I want to start some sort of comedy group inspired by them (But I'm not on-the-spot funny--and I can't write my own punchlines. In short, the things I find funny are usually read as "cheesey" or "lame" by others. Because I laugh at everything)

But I like Gilliam's mind, from what I've heard from him. He's way cool.

"...And I'd like to conclude by puttin' my finger up mah nose!"

Timmy: what with the XX chromosomes and all...

Right, let's have a ding dong!

Mr Nudge: I'm not exactly a genius when it comes to comedy, although I know it might be a bit too early for me to even come near the skills of writing and performing intellectual comedy.

I'm not a business man type, I don't really have much in common with Eric. I'm not a vegetarian D8

I am not tall like Cleese, and I don't have his personality, or anything really in common with him.

And, sadly, I am not cuddly like Michael. I don't have puppy-eyes or a kind manner

I'm kinda rude sometimes...

I just feel I can relate more with Mr. Gilliam than with any of the other pythons.

Oh, and I have the same haircut he used to have: short bangs (when I don't flip them to the side) and straight, inch-above-the-shoulder hair (when I don't style it or curl it)


"...And I'd like to conclude by puttin' my finger up mah nose!"

Lemming_Of_The_BDA at 9:40 pm April 08

it's just I don't know what python I'd be...
tis a toughie indeed

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

arkennedy: ...I'll have to get back to this one. But for now I would say either John or Terry Gilliam. I'll explain why later.

Edit: Why I'm probably the more like John Cleese and Terry Gilliam...

John... Because we both love animals.

Terry... I'm not sure exactly how to describe why I might be like him... I guess because I'm kind of a visual person. I've sometimes driven people crazy in the past with trying to get something to look just right. I enjoy art doing my own and other peoples (when I lived in Dallas I spent a lot of time in art museums.)I may come back to this if I ca come up with a better description.

Btw: I've taken a few which Python are you or which python are you most like quizzes (just for for fun) and I always get the same result. According to the quizzes I'm most like Terry Jones. I don't know why I always get that result. Because I'm not really like Terry Jones. Don't get me wrong, I'm defiantly a fan of Terry's (you don't have to have anything in common with someone to be a fan of theirs). But other than agreeing with what he has to say about politics I don't know of anything we have in common.

Lemming_Of_The_BDA: I'm gonna have to think about this one... maybe even do some research.
I can't compare to one of THEM! *bows* I'm not worthy!

But perhaps I do act a little bit like one but I'm not sure who...

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

BroMaynardG at 10:05 pm April 08

We are both Very Cunning Linguists!

(Say "that" carefully!)


Lemming_Of_The_BDA at 10:08 pm April 08

what kind of Cheese would bro be?
Monterrey? Mozzarella? String?

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

BroMaynardG at 10:15 pm April 08

The Most Popular Cheese In The World!

Cheddar! (Extra Sharp)

Lemming_Of_The_BDA at 10:17 pm April 08

lets hope your cat won't eat you

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

BroMaynardG at 10:24 pm April 08

(Since the brakes in the Subaru went (NO Biggles, they don't GO [or is it STOP?])

- - - I went looking for Blue Cheese.

At the local Ruskie Supermarket, I found - "Brynza Bolgarian".

Moister than blue, but a great salad cheese.

Grocery Store choices HERE are regular chain stores - OR Russian, Pakistan, or Puerto Rican.


Lemming_Of_The_BDA at 10:30 pm April 08

sell more cheese than a cheese shop
But does it have good music?

I like blue cheese dressing on my salads.

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

BroMaynardG at 6:05 pm May 08

Well they do have music - but not Bouzouki music, rather they have Balalaika music. Ones a circle (ref. Pies Are Square) and the other is a trianglar-shaped object (Wiki - Pascal). - but I was weaned on the figure 8 violin (as dad was the local symphony's concertmaster).

Still, they were not (not any of the three (four Sir) three examples given, up to my taste - which was started with "Meet The Beatles" in 1964 - "Keith was just a schoolboy, When he heard his first Beatles song. Love Me Do I think it was, And from there it didn't take him long" (Sorry - "Bad Company" (til the day I die!)).

M & P were good about buying me the LPs (vinyl 12 inchers - [no Biggles 33 1/3, not G'ma's 78s!])as they came out, about $3.00 apiece, in those days! And their POSTERS all over the walls!

Then came the "Bigger Than Rod" comment - I was forced to trash the posters and paraphernalia.

Oh, I'm sorry, you asked about Cheese!

It's Getting Gouda All the Ti-i-ime!