Can a Mambo beat a Bingo?

Can a Bongo beat a Tongo?
Can a Tongo Beat a Tango?
Can a Pronto beat a Mongo?
Can a Tengo beat a Vengo?
Can a Flingo beat a Mucho?

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BroMaynardG: Who's there?

Van Gogh!

Van Gogh what?

Van go beep beep and run over all the Venga Boys!


Pachorruo at 1:44 am January 08

When he ate that chocolate mousse
he never leaved the Sahara
now he drinks buckets of sand
and the grains stay between his teeth

Van Gogh knew it was the right thing to do
sunflowers don´t fall from the trees
when I see the evening news
I use my hammer to turn the tv off

Myanmar , don´t go out with Miss Hilton
or you will stay in the hotel for free, for freeee, fo oooo or fo ooo or fo oooor freeeeeeeeeeeee

BroMaynardG at 3:50 am January 08

After he ate that white blancmange,
Scott never left the Sahara.
Now he drinks buckets of Whatney's Red Barrel,
and the foam runs down his pasted on chest hair.

I never saw a 20 foot tall,
electric, tentacled penguin.
But I can tell you anyhow,
I'd rather see then be one.

Burma! I prefer to read Perez Hilton!
'cause then when I try to get checked out, I can never lea-ea-ea-ea-eave!