The new Python Order

The Monty Python Flying Circus party.
Elections in USA and Spain this year. It´s time for a change
What the world needs is the New Python Order.

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BroMaynardG: Number 18, hold the eggroll!

(I Like Chinese!)


BroMaynardG at 1:08 pm January 27

That Billions of Chinese are rejoicing?

Tomorrow is Erection Day!


scottp at 5:38 pm February 24

Hee Hee...

Gwen Dibley at 1:07 pm January 27

To actually create a python party?
So many undecided voters in the US we actually might win
We should do this, and rule the world
Bow down to sillyness!

''I'm a strange person''

scottp at 1:40 pm January 27

He seems to be coming back for a reason..He may not be the messiah but he is a pal and he's always there for ya..Sounds like leadership to me..

Pachorruo at 1:12 pm January 27

Only people who have watched the python movies can be carpenters of the party.

Pachorruo at 1:11 pm January 27

Imagine the Pythons talking in the United Nations , wow .

BroMaynardG at 1:39 pm January 27

You made me think of Nikita Khrushchev, banging his shoe in the UN General Assembly Meeting.

Then, I jumped to thinking about a UN delegate droning on and on and on and then the Python Foot smashing him.

Here's Nick about to get thumped by Big Nose.


Pachorruo at 10:40 am February 24

with the big Dick