Think Time Again!!

Well I got an email from my grandmother and the kitten that we gave her turned out to be a boy when they took him to the vet.
So now we are in search of a new male kitten name
here is the pics again.

Thank you all so much for the previous suggestions I passed some along but before realizing it was a boy he was named Cleopatra or Cleo suggested by my evil step mother.

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pythongeek03: Heres the other pic sorry it didnt load up properly
I like the name Monty

Johnnyrose at 4:27 pm November 12

... I got one too, his name is Leo!

"Welease Bwian!"

Gwen Dibley at 10:52 pm November 11

Is a cute name

but that's just me in a wodehouse phase
Or Jeeves if he's more the silent/graceful type

how 'bout Nigel
Or Fonzie Ayyyyy!!

seriously I am quite horrible at this I shall stop


''I'm a strange person''

BroMaynardG at 6:30 am November 12

- - - they Spell "Wooster" - "Worchester", and pronounce it "Woostah".

Pass the Sauce!


pythongeek03 at 11:48 pm November 11

Oh it alright Gwen
Thank you for the suggestions!!

Oh Your No Fun Anymore

Gwen Dibley at 11:54 pm November 11

..Sorry if it seemed sort of suicidally desperate

''Oh I am HORRIBLE''

Don't worry I self-depreciate on a daily basis it's what keeps me on the market

Stocks in STock
Like your avatar-that Simpsonizer is Dynamite!


''I'm a strange person''