A message from Zeus

I made this a few weeks ago on MashCast, but thought I'd move it over here.

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gna42: I can't see the file... can you check to see if it's attached? (or single? it's a cute little mash).

RGHunt57 at 1:54 pm November 27

Evidently it's not.... I've had the same problem with non-existent attachments on some of the other posts. ???

RGHunt57 at 2:02 pm November 27

Okay, I went into MashCaster, posted the file into the Pythonline folder, got the little blaring "ta-da" of triumph, but then it opened up this page
and said "Access denied"...

gna42 at 10:10 am November 28

I'm in BETA... life is a test....