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gna42: But for now, why don't you try going into your blog, and post it there? as a .swf directly?

Give it a go... c'mon, you know you want to...

RGHunt57 at 2:34 pm November 29

Not sure how to do that... And what does "Make this a station" mean?

scottp at 8:39 pm November 30

If you create a station it will add that publisjing point to the drop down menu. If you want to post to that node or station it will keep adding them to the same post. this way you can create a sequece of conent in the same place. Try it!! pick creat a station give it a name post a picture. then post another picture to the same station... Good luck!!


gna42 at 9:28 am December 01

The man knows what he's talking about...