Civil War 2

I'm re-posting some of the things I did earlier on Mashcaster for the behefit of the newcomers who are just looking around. Can't you just feel the time being wasted?

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RSMBiggles: My dear Sir,

Anything that propagates interest in Mash casting AND Python can not be construed as a "waste of time"
In fact the lads over in R & D have theorized you cannot "waste something that by definition does not exist.
The problem, in brief, is that time may not exist at the most fundamental level of physical reality,
the fundamental description of the universe must be timeless. Where we do measure time we do it with devices that actually just count events for us. The clock counts rotations of a wheel, the digital watch counts vibrations in a crystal and the atomic clock counts vibrations in a caesium atom. All time measurement devices we have count events or movement through space.
Some argue that as you travel closer to the speed of light, time slows down. They attempt to prove this by measuring the difference that occurs in recorded time by two atomic clocks; one moving faster than the other. All they have achieved is to slow down the vibrations of the caesium atom. This could just as easily have been accomplished by cooling the clock. The cooler something is the slower it is at a quantum level. Einstein predicts that as an object gets closer to the speed of light its mass increases. This increase in mass causes a slowing at the quantum level and so appears to effect time. All it really does is effect the properties of the element whose events we are counting.
So ipso facto if your cold and heavy the perception of time increases.... therefore to perceive having more time on your hands forgo the diet and move to Antarctica.... Then you could in fact possibly "waste that which theoretically may or may not exist".

scottp at 9:14 pm December 01

How can you waist anytime when in reality time is just an illusion?? Time is something that we create in our minds. Is it not always NOW??? The past is an illusion and the future is an illusion both of these mentations are just created in our minds. Hummmm.... something to think about or not... Please keep waisting that illusion of time it makes me smile!!!!

what a life!!!