Day 2: This time it's personal

Still just exploring, trying to figure out all of the ins and outs of this joint. Typing uneasily with a cut fingertip. Am I the only person who seems to have unfortunate encounters with sharp objects while washing dishes? This morning I tore open the end of my right middle finger with a submerged food-processor blade.
Then I spent two hours wrestling with a butternut squash which left my left hand coated with an orange film that felt like superglue.

Cooking tip: Whatever you're doing with's not worth it.

(Did I mention that I hate Thanksgiving? As a vegetarian and non-football fan, this is traditionally a day filled with all of the things I am least thankful for...)

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gna42: processed food? Why would you buy something called a "food processor"??

I mean really... it's a Python skit in the making...

You're probably still bleeding... all over thanksgiving dinner too...

Oh, the shame...