So this is how it all starts, is it?

"Don't just sit there" Gna the Pythonatrix whispered with that adorable way she has of just slightly flicking her riding crop when she wants your attention, "blog something".
So here it goes.
And what could be more appropriate for this grand opening? For as you may not know (since I'm only just now making it up) a "blog", like "spam" is yet another common Internet feature whose name was actually derived from Python material.
No? You doubt it?
Fine. Here's the proof.
Say "blog" slowly, in a low and somewhat raspy voice.
Sound familiar?
Now say it again.
Then listen carefully to the sounds of Mr. Creosote in "The Meaning of Life".
I'm sure I heard a "blog" in there somewhere.
Surprising, n'est-ce pas?
Well that's the joy of scientific discovery for you.
Just make sure you spell my name right on the MacArthur Grant checks.

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scottp: Good to see you... well I don't actually see you but you know what I mean..Looking forward to seeing some of your mashes and reading your stories...Have agood one!!


joeg: we did, How do you think we cashed 'em? Seriously, good to see you here. Any friend of U.S. Grant is a friend of mine. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing too! Happy Turkey day!

Harry at 2:07 pm November 22

Mr. Creosote's favorite day of the year....He needs TWO buckets on this day!....and a few extra wafer thin mints

scottp at 2:10 pm November 22


gna42 at 11:38 pm November 22

Good God, I'm a PythOnatrix now!!??? Brilliant. I was contemplating my business cards just today, wondering what, what, what ever shall I put under that glaringly empty space just below my name? That's it... "PythOnatrix"... Don't worry, they'll spell my name wrong anyway, so they might as well be thoroughly befuddled by 'PythOnatrix'.

Remember, everything will be fine as long as you do as I say...

Wait...Didn't we WANT World DOMINATION???! I thought that's why I brought my riding crop...

Where DID I put that snaffle?