Any New Years Resolutions ?

I was wondering who here made New Years resolutions, and who's already broken them?

I made one to eat better, but that isn't going so well...

As long as there's pizza (and Spam) in the world, I'm doomed.

And I made another resolution to read more.

That one's going a little better. Esp. since I found my old copy of "The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok"- good stuff.

Anyone else?

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Susana Mendonca: To write more!!!! =P
And sue the company I work my mornings for because they’re utterly stupid, and tremendously annoying… And I’m sure they don’t like the Pythons! So far it’s going very well! I’ll be soon telling them to “fetcher la vache!”!!!

i want out: More like lack thereof.

Mabye My goal could be to be more tolerant of people; but if you are a "nonbeliever" (a non-python maniac) or just plain annoying.... or stupid.....

something tells me my resolution is not faring too well...... :\

Joe Gold at 7:25 pm January 04

Thing is, annoying stupid people have the tendency not to know the Pythons...

Anyway, to get to the resolution, read more gets also on my list to do. Also among the list: change for a better job (well, I am still on holidays until Sunday, so no need to hurry), and work again on a few languages (no, sorry no Swedish and no Georgian)...

Ron Obvious at 4:24 pm January 04

The majority of people are much too annoying.

(Everyone here seems right nice, though.)

Bloody vikings!

gungasdindin at 1:30 pm January 05

I've resolved to hit every post's star ratings button at least once.

Ron Obvious at 4:00 pm January 05

Thanks for the vote then!

Bloody vikings!

joeg at 1:34 pm January 05

good one! easy to do, fun and it makes the world a little better place(well at least . . .