A tribute

Hope this works

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Purple Unicorn: You brought tears to my eyes. He was a great man and you gave him such a classy memorial video. Right on Biggles.
I mean er... Sir... ;)

BroMaynardG: That is really what I think.
Oh, by the way . . .
Which One's Monty?

(You sure can spot the PF and PFJ fans on this site!)

NotAnotherPO at 3:09 pm December 21

Well, I guess I'm a little obvious...

ladycaviar: Very woody indeed.

NotAnotherPO: The section from "Us and Them" just won it for you. You receive one internet.

gna42: That was awesome... *sniffle*

And that sax player...man he sure can belt it out...


Good one. Keep 'em comming!