Daily exercise Python style

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Mr Nudge: ...Made me sad all over again.
It's like his account is frozen in time...
Llamas Are Bigger Than Frogs.
My sister was bitten by a Moose, once.

crzyltvn at 8:11 pm May 29

seeing his picture on the side when this blog/thread gets bumped back into your inbox. Almost like he's posting...even though he isn't. Oh, these sad days.

Well you're dead now, so shut up!

CamelSpotter at 12:09 am May 30

The Internet is a bizarre place. He'll always be here with us.

Videor Quaero Punctume

BroMaynardG: - - - Company "B" (as in "Biggles").

Reposted, as I can't Mash worth a damn!

Bye Fwiend!

Go Away Spammers | We Have All The Spam We Can Eat | Don’t Try Selling Us Any Goat-Hair Beards

atrocetomique at 2:51 am May 30

i've never watched it.

when St. Pierre asked him what he had done.
he might be proud to answer MashCasting!

arkennedy at 9:06 pm May 29

...I don't remember seeing it before.

No spam please. Graham doesn't like spam.

kermit: kermit Very creative Mashmaster Biggles!

crzyltvn: This'll be great in the mornings.

Hanri: Just what I needed for my stiff limbs! I knew I could count on PO to help me with a refreshing morning exercise. :D

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

scottp: Needed a bit of exercise!!

BroMaynardG at 4:33 pm January 20

Wake me up, before you Go Go.


Pachorruo: wow

joeg: rockin'... got my sweats on and jammin'...

ladycaviar: I actually liked that, and I loathe the Gumbys with the passion of a thousand suns. Leave it to you, Biggles.

Ron Obvious: Good job!!!

Bloody vikings!

scottp: Way way Cool!! I can see you are creating new tricks to use MashCaster... Makes me Smile!!

BroMaynardG: "Close Order Gumby-ing About"

I like the slow left arms down to a "parade rest" position.

Milit'ry Madness!


Gwen Dibley at 7:56 pm January 19

That was really great!!
(gives a virtual standing ovation)

''I'm a strange person''

astropython at 6:52 pm August 28

Looks all too similar to my own workout group !
Good show Biggles.

BroMaynardG at 7:05 pm August 28

. . . I represent Leslie Sansone!

Let's Get Physical, Physical!