Lovely Nina

Girls with guns are great!!!

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ladycaviar: You should know better! It's got to be 50mm or bigger to be a *gun.*

Nina has a FIREARM. Honestly, Sergeant. I would have expected you to be more well versed in your weapons identification. At least you correctly identified the girl, or I would have assumed this was a coded message for help from the closet we locked you in weeks ago. Say, how's the food holding out? The Twinkies have no expiration date -- they're made of spackle and petroleum distillates, you know.

Repeat after me: girls with *firearms* are hot.

RSMBiggles at 9:12 am January 21

I was using the civilian vernacular as to not confuse the non Army members.

The Twinkies have taken over the shoe organizer and have started to plot something... all I can hear occasionally is references to "T" day. I should have never let them out of their wrappers.

Pachorruo: Can she sings "Do you know the way to San Jose?"