The Wonderful Brian of Oz

While hiding from the Romans in an abandoned farmhouse during a severe storm, Brian awakens to find himself in a strange world.

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HarrisonBoukouski: cool, that was funny, great idea!
My brain hurts! (:

TheParrot47: Exemplary stuff, this! Cheers, Biggles!!!

Mark Costa: Wonderful. It makes me wonder what he'll find in Oz. With his luck, it will probably be REG!

sarahelizabethmorris: that's hilarious

Hanri at 2:06 pm July 16

the ending best, the last second. XD

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

Gwen Dibley: I love the wizard of oz!
and the sounds are really funny
Spot on!!

''I'm a strange person''

joeg: you ia a whiz, if ever a whiz there was

Pachorruo: Very well done.

RGHunt57: .but maybe someone should warn him that the road leads to a crucifixion. Bummer..

BroMaynardG at 6:00 am January 26

but that road leads to a horse of a different colo(u)r!

Nobody expects the Apocalypse!

White, Red, Black and Pale (Ale).

(Hopefully, the "Send Next MashCast Here" checkbox will work this time, he says with great frustration)


P.S. It worked. No, there is no animation. Just the picture.
But I could never use the "Send Next MashCast Here" checkbox before.

scottp at 3:01 pm January 29

When you publish just a still picture select JPEG as the publish format if you are sending the file from the MashCaster stage. If its just a picture you should publish it through the MashCast TV tool. ....Select Stills in MashCast TV double click on picture wanted it will open the preview window. Then select network. then click on the + in front of Pythonline select blog and fill out the text then hit broadcast. this will send it right to your blog. To use Next caster here you need to click next caster here box on Pythonline then submit the post then publish from MashCaster and it will show up in that node. You must submit first brfore publishing from MashCaster...Let me know if you have anyother questions...

gna42: All that work in the special effects biz (shrinking it down and blowing it up) really paid off!!

Great stuff Biggles!!! YAYAYYY!

"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

scottp: Most excellent MASH!! You are becoming the MASHMASTER!!

BroMaynardG at 3:20 pm January 24

Great use of perspective too, as Brian slowly shrinks towards Oz.


RSMBiggles at 4:34 pm January 24

If you use the scissors editing tool, you can turn any background into multiple layes so you can take your character behind objects (like I did with Brian going "over" the hills).

You then use the layers guide to help keep track of which plane an object is on and you can place other objects respectively.

kermit at 10:01 pm December 08

I lost my copy. Can this one also be viewed while playing Dark Side of the Moon?