Trying stuff out

Trying to learn more can be dangerous at times

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Purple Unicorn: So thats who is responsible :P

That made my night by the way.

ladycaviar: and I moved a bit to the left, so as not to be struck by lightning, you understand.

gna42: By Jehovah, I think he's got it!

Great job Biggles! keep 'em coming!

"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

scottp: I see you have figured out the tweeing feature and how key frames work. Most Excellent!! Go Mr B


RSMBiggles at 11:20 am December 24

Cant wait to learn even more!!!

scottp at 11:24 am December 24

there are a few more tricks i can show you now that you have gotten famillar with the tool. For the most part I think you've got it!!!

Go Mr B