Oh no


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BroMaynardG: Oh, no my computer has performed an illegal function!

I guess the computer police have been contacted.

Really, this is the second time I received this message, in red.

There was an error converting VIDEO_108.wmv to flash video. The file you uploaded may use a CODEC that is not supported by this site. (Supported CODECS) The system admin has been notified with error details to make sure it is not an error with our servers. You can try removing this file and uploading again or hide this error by setting file:VIDEO_108.wmv's display to none.

Do I have to do anything to correct this?


ladycaviar at 12:48 am January 18

click on the actual file line instead, it opens fine.

I get the error, yeah. Some electronic thingy didn't talk to some other electronic thingy, but if you bash it on the head directly, you can get it to talk to you.

Isn't it great I understand computers perfectly? Now I have to feed the gerbil inside my laptop.