Four Yorkshiremen Sketch

"Ahh..Very passable,this, very passable" LOL I loved this sketch they are all so funny

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Lancaster Bomber: Brilliant. But by gum you were lucky to see it. We had no tele in the shed what we lived in and could only beg the neighbours to let us watch through their window after we had licked it clean, standing in the snow with no socks or shoes on.

CamelSpotter at 4:27 pm October 11

My nearest neighbors with a telly were ten miles down the road, uphill. We had to walk barefoot through the hail and snow the whole way, and got run over by a car every time.

Videor Quaero Punctume

BroMaynardG at 4:52 pm October 11

The ORIGINAL, Not The 1948 Show!

My Gawd the shit that has happened since Obama has been President!

No, I WANT NO BUSHES (I'd even kick the twins out of bed!).

Give me a Ford, or a Nixon!


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