Have you seen Spamalot or how many times? What do you think about the Show and be honest or I will "ni" you! :)

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PixelPixie: I'm so excited, can't wait! Eric Idle is expected to come to the premiere, OMG!

SirDouglas at 2:32 pm September 20

Thats what I heard as well!!! That's going to be awesome!! LOL :)

PixelPixie at 1:01 pm September 23

it was just a hoax. Hungarian News Agency supposed to be the most reliable portal, bah.. I'm pretty disappointed now. John Du Prez will come but I want Eric too!

flopsy_mrs: i think it was really funny and good :) now i'm hoping o can see the dutch version of it yay :)

it bloody repeets

the_thina: I have seen a recording of it, not live unfortunatly. but I think it absolutely kicks ass! as I always say, eric idle shits gold and pisses diamonds! ;)

SirDouglas at 4:22 pm September 19

I like that saying for idle!! LOL!!!! :)------ I've alway's been a huge idle fan 2!!

just like idle said---------------------------------------:)

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will make me go in a corner and cry by myself for hours.”

the_thina at 4:46 pm September 19

haha, yeah but its true you know! well, Im not hes plummer, so I cant know for sure, but I bet he does! :P

SirDouglas at 9:42 am September 20

has to be true either way!! LOL :)

the_thina at 10:36 am September 20

yeah, I have no reason to lie. ;)

SirDouglas at 12:51 pm September 20

Especially with Idle shitting gold and pissing diamonds!!! LOL :)

the_thina at 1:06 pm September 20

haha exactly! :P
but I hope the diamonds dont hurt on the way out. haha

SirDouglas at 1:35 pm September 20

That would be awesome to piss out diamonds but I can't even begin to think how bad it would hurt LOL :) But then again he's idle :)

the_thina at 1:38 pm September 20

that he sure is! all pythons are more or less superheroes right? so they should be able to be above pain. ;)

SirDouglas at 2:33 pm September 20

and the gold bricks probaly come out in a coconut shell to protect the gold!!! :P

the_thina at 2:37 pm September 20

haha, well, that cant be a easy passing eiter. :P

SirDouglas at 3:11 pm September 20

Yeah but he's idle!!!!!!!!!! and it keeps the gold clean!! :P

PixelPixie at 1:03 pm September 23

you're sick.

the_thina at 1:14 pm September 23

I know love, I know, but its very fun being sick! you should try it! :)

PixelPixie at 1:39 pm September 23

Btw I rather prefer being naughty. :))

the_thina at 1:46 pm September 23

just used to? not any longer? :( :P
naughty is good to. very good. just santa that dont agree, but stuff that bastard. hes got a stick up hes arse anyway. :P

PixelPixie at 2:18 pm September 23

I think I need to improve my english...
But hey! Leave Santa alone! I loove Santa. And he brought me.

(I was born on Santa's day, it's one of the most popular feasts amongst Easter and Christmas in Middle Europe)

the_thina at 2:40 pm September 23

haha, thats ok, english is not my first language eiter, and there is misstakes sometimes. :P

oh, 24th december? (thats christmasday here anyway) my aunt was born that day too. and Im born january first, so we are fellow capricorns! you and me and brian! haha. and in fact graham was in real life too. yay us! :D

PixelPixie at 2:59 pm September 23

but it's 6-th december here. (St Nicholaus day - that's our Santa) Sadly I don't belong to the illustrious company of Capricorns, but I love them! Especially their humour.

the_thina at 3:04 pm September 23

6th? really? thats a bit odd, where do you live?
oh, thank you. :) Im happy to be a capricorn, Im in some very good company. :) and I share birthday with joe orton and brody dalle! :D

PixelPixie at 3:34 pm September 23

he's also 1-st Jan. He's a bit bitter about that, because his birthday is always contracted with Christmas, how about you?

In Middle Eu (I'm from Hungary) Santa day is on 6-th December. It's mostly for the kids, they get nice "Santa packages" plenty of sweets, tangerines and nuts. An extra opportunity to stuff them before Chrstmas :)
I think our Santa is a mixture of western "Santa Claus" and Saint Nicholaus, bishop of Myra, patriot of children (amongst many other).

Who the hell is Joe Orton and Brody Dalle? *lazy to google

the_thina at 3:45 pm September 23

I used to be bitter about that as a kid, but not now. nowadays everyone knows that Ill take any birthday-presents on christmas eve, easier that way. :)

hmmm, yeah the bishop-bit Ive heard about, but I dont keep so much track of stuff like that.

joe orton was an english playwrite, who became famous in the late 50s if I remember correctly. very well known for that he and hes boyfriend (he never told the press directly that he was gay, but never said he was straight eiter) stole a bunch of library-books and re-wrote the cover-texts and put naked ladies on the covers etc. and he was thrown in prison for it. then when he was on the top of hes fame hes boyfriend heat him to death in hes sleep and then kiled himself. very facinating guy, there is a movie about him with gary oldman. "prick up your ears", you should watch it.

and brody dalle is the leadsinger in distrillers. :)

PixelPixie at 4:05 pm September 23

Hmm, Joe Orton sounds interesting. I'll check it possibly.
Bye, need to go to bed. Hate that, but I have to get up at 6, such an inhumanity...

the_thina at 4:12 pm September 23

the whole movie is posted on youtube. just search for prick up your ears. pRick nor pick. :) its very funny. and its worth watching just to see gary oldman french-kiss men. aaaaw! :)
oh, sleep tight then.