Evil Machines, again and again...

Hey guys!
Sorry for keeping you waiting! I had a bit of problem there. All sorted out now.

So anyway, I don’t have many pictures to post because as I suspected, I wasn’t allowed to take any during the opera. I took this one, but because I couldn’t use the flash it’s all blurred.
You can see the egg-whisker, Lester the vespa, Nancy’s mom, the scientist’s wife, one of the scientists, a guy who appeared during the TV bit “Who’s the most Intelligent”, Nancy the other scientist, the oven, to airplane (all dismantled by then and who reminded me our own SMBiggles, don’t ask me why!) and the gas pump.

The play also had some delicious details, like Lester speaking with an Italian accent (the opera is in English), the oven as well and when the set changes for the TV show set, a lady comes out with an “applause” card, so that the public would cheer every time each scientist got a right answer.
There are 12 actors in the cast and each one of them plays at least 2 roles. I can’t stress this enough, they were all amazing.
Like in the Fantastic Stories, the music was performed by Orchestra of Lisbon and Mr. Luis Tinoco, the composer did once again a magnificent work. It’s terribly eccentric and yet beautiful at the same time.
A brilliant opera, brilliantly directed and brilliantly performed.

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joeg: Thanks Susana! Looks like a truly amazing show.

Pachorruo: That photo is great, thanks .
I want to see the sheet music.

BroMaynardG at 6:07 am January 26

We realize that you DO have an "outrageous accent", Pachorruo.

But WHO do you want to SEE, sheeting the the music?


scottp: for the the review....Much Apreciated!!

Susana Mendonca at 4:31 pm January 24

I still get the shivers every time I see something related to opera! =D

gna42: In grave detail, I want... errr... WE want to know what happened and how things went with MR. J!!!!

details... details...

The DEvil's in the details... and the Evil's in the Machines...(oooh, that might be a good newsletter title...

I've got work on that right now...

Give me inspiration!!!

I'm about to burst!

"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

Gwen Dibley: The show looks fantastic, unfortunately they probably wont come to my end of the world,.,
We need more details about your meeting with terry!!!

i want out: I am eagery looking forward to your next installment of the EVIL MACHINES saga!!