My Terry Jones experience - Part 2 - 2nd third...

So the bar was packed and Mr. Jones wanted to take to us someplace quiet. “Oh dear, I think the best thing to do is to go backstage and find us some place quiet to talk”… Could it get any better, I ask?
On the way to backstage, Mr. Jones is singing the whole time. The door opens and aaagggghhhhh… As in amazement. It’ seemed like we entered Alice’s Wonderland. The actors were all tuning their voices, all of them greeted us extremely nicely. There were costumes everywhere, telephones, cars, remotes… An exiting frenzy! All that amazing and vibrant energy! We keep on walking further inside backstage. We finally find a wee room free where we can talk. The medic’s office.
Mr. Jones closes the door and sighs…”There we are, we got ourselves a nice little room.”
João takes the opportunity so straight that “terrible-terrific” issue up… To get it off his chest, as he put it.
I ask Terry how he had come up with the idea for the evil machines. We hear a loud voice “Atenção, 25 minutos para o início de peça, 25 minutos!” (Attention, 25 minutes everyone, 25 minutes) Terry looks at his watch (he wears it at his waist, not on the wrist) and says in Portuguese “25 minutos”.
TJ-“Well, actually I was driving in London. I was in the middle of the traffic when the titled just popped in my mind and I thought – now there’s an extremely good title. Initially it was meant to be a book of short stories, then a screen play, but then Luis Tinoco called me and asked if we could do something together, we had previously worked together, and I suggested the Evil machines.”
ME-I read that you were curious to see how they would solve the problem of putting machines singing opera and dancing on stage and said something like ‘It’s not my problem’, but then…
TJ- (laughing) Yes, they invited me to direct it. It was irresistible! I’d never done something like this before. I’ve directed movies, but never something like this.
ME-Were you pleased with the outcome of yesterday’s premier?
TJ- Well, yes. Actually it was the first time we did it altogether, with all the costumes exchanging and sets and all of that. It was a bit confusing at times. I think there’s room for improvement I’m mean, after all, it was the premier. We’ll get better as we go.

I guaranty you, I had my eyes wide opened and I did not detect one flaw. I’ll never get tired of repeating it: it was perfect.
I’m signing off for now. It’s 4.30am in Portugal and I have to get up at 7am. I’ll post part 3 tomorrow morning!! Promise! =D

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Antrax24.12: I cannot believe!!!!
I think I will never be so lucky ever!And If it gonna happen to me (to meet one of them) I think I'll just turn red on my face, and feel small(I'm 1,75 cm tall, very tall to be a girl) and then I'gonna fall on the floor!!!!
:((((( I'm crying!
Lucky, Lucky all you that met one of them!!!!

christinah3000: cool!

Johnnyrose: ... put all the story in just one piece... so we drooooolll just one big time.....
Fantastic!!! Great job, Susana and João!!

"Welease Bwian!"

Pachorruo: and that is good cause in next performances the Opera performance will be even better.
I hope that the Opera will be release as a download, cd or whatever evil machine.

scottp: THANKS!!

Gwen Dibley: looks like Im staying up all night again :P

Terry seems like such a sweet man!

smalley.claire at 9:51 pm January 13

Good lord I'm jealous! He sounds so nice! I can't wait to read the rest of your report.

Antrax24.12 at 3:53 am March 17

I can see what you mean!!!But I'm not jelous, I'd just like him or one of them to read something I wrote for them, not finisched yet...Is the most insane idea I've ever had, and the most ambitious ever!!!! Arghhh!!!

i want out at 1:31 pm January 14

...a terry jones experience?

........moving on to part 3