My Terry Jones experience - Part 2 - 3rd third

Our time with Terry Jones is almost at the end by now, the 25 minutes call we heard is now a 15 minutes call. Terry looks calm. He’s got a very relax and friendly expression, always smiling. He’s got a way of making us feel at home. 5 minutes into the conversation and I completely forgot the nervousness I was feeling a couple of minutes earlier. There is something special about confirming personally the idea we make of a person we grew up watching, making us laugh and who we really look up to…
There is still time for a couple of questions. We shoot them as quickly as we can. I asked him why he wears his watch at the waist. We knew that before and we knew there was a reason for it, but we never knew why. He explains: “That’s my own little anarchy.” It’s all about not liking and nor letting himself be ruled by the watch. The need for watches came along with the ongoing building of factories and modern life. It’s really almost something imposed. We’ve got to be on time, we got to check the time, we got to leave on time… “Think of the agricultural way of life. Nobody used to use watches. It wasn’t important”. Maybe that’s the why it’s 10 minutes ‘til the curtains go up and he’s still in that wee room with us. Then João asked him about the “Find the fish” scene on “The Meaning of Life”:
JC: One of the most beautiful and yet eccentric scenes I’ve ever seen is that scene from The Meaning of Life. What were you thinking when you wrote it?
TJ: (Laughing) I don’t know! It was a scene I did for the middle of the movie. I actually still don’t know how the others went along with the idea! (Laughs) The factory was incredibly beautiful, there were all these knobs and thing to push and pull, it was just incredibly beautiful.
For the last question, João asked Mr. Jones if there was anyone who we’d really liked to have met, someone he admired as a boy. “I don’t think… Maybe Buster Keaton. I’d like to have met him, but I never did.” – “Well I’m sorry to hear that, Sir – says João- “because I can now tell you, it’s the most wonderful feeling.”
Our time was up. We say our goodbyes, look around for the last time and get on going to the main room, where another show is about to begin… For the second time. =D

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Pachorruo: He´s moving everywhere

BroMaynardG at 7:17 am January 14

Slowly, I turned.

Step by step and inch by inch!

Victoria Falls!

(But I catch her). [{(Our Secret)}]!


Pachorruo at 11:05 am January 14

She is a zen master of yoghourt eating

Gwen Dibley: What an epic!this was worth waiting :P

I agree with the watch thing, I dont wear one...

Susana Mendonca at 5:09 am January 14

I really hope you get to experience it some time!! Maybe you get to see Michael!!
I had to wait until I was almost 30 for my my big shot!!! =D

Hanri at 8:29 am January 14

Thank you so much for writing this! It's almost as if I were there too. Oh, I do hope he could come to Finland some day, or that at least I could meet him, never mind the place. I'm happy for you, but still, I so envy you guys.... ;D

Something fishy going on here.. :P

Gwen Dibley at 5:17 am January 14

Actually I would quite enjoy the company of any of them

gna42 at 8:38 am January 14

Id take Keaton over Chaplin ANY day... we've got all his dvd's (Keaton) and watch Silent Sunday Nights on AMC...

He HAD to go and make himself MORE cool...

Susana, you are the luckiest local girl in Lisbon today!

Thank you SO Much for giving us that one-on-one review.


"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

i want out at 1:35 pm January 14 spend any time with any one of those five men...........

........but alas, I am 15 and a middle-class high school student stuck in the middle of nowhere! If I had only one iota of your pizzazz, I would be ao much farther along.

Can I have YOUR autograph instead?

Susana Mendonca at 1:37 pm January 14

Got you something better! =P