The first of many...

So here i am, finally here on the Python site, and very happy to!

I uploaded a video to Youtube of a video myself and a couple of friends made during the summer of this year. It's very silly, and in some places, very pythonesque. Check it out, and leave me a note to say whether you enjoyed it or not.

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scottp: Why don't you post them on Pythonline?.. If you need help let us know.

trooper1975 at 7:08 pm December 20

Ok, i would love to post it here, but not sure how, so you're help would be very appreciated. Cheers matey!

scottp at 11:08 pm December 20


Here is what you have to do.

1. Get the embed code from zYouTube. You may need to turn it on because I noticed that it was disabled for users.

2. Go to Pythonline and select Create a Blog.

3. Now add the title

4. Paste your embed code into the body of the blog

5. Add tags

6. Submit

Thats all. Let me know if you need help!


trooper1975 at 7:35 am December 21

Yay... now i can make a fool of myself further more with the Python community. Ahhh, a dream come true! Bring on the fish!

Cheers scottp.

joeg at 12:09 pm December 22

you can also directly upload videos to THIS site using 'Attach new file:' when creating a post
1. press the "browse" button to find the video on your computer(a computer IS required, as is one of those wires that go to the internet)
2. Once selected, press the "upload" button. This may take a little bit
3. complete your blog entry and press "submit"

The file will take some time to convert to our display format, but its done!
We accept wmv mpg mov and swf formats for videos. You can also upload a still image(jpg, png, gif) this way, but it will sadly remain a still image unless you shake your computer...

gna42 at 10:02 am December 21

Thanks Scott. You Rock!

We now continue with this interrupted silliness...

Go on... GET ON WITH IT!!