IS Michael Palin "The Nicest Python"?

OK, we've all heard the rumours, the sappingly sweet Michael Palin, helping the old lady across the street, the kitten out of the tree, but what is he REALLY like...? Do you have any personal Palin stories you'd like to share?

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ViolaNut: I was lucky enough to go to one of his talk/signings when his Diaries were published, and he obligingly signed the page with the entry for my birthday with a little joke to boot, he was cordial to all of us there, despite the nasty heat, and just seemed to be thoroughly agreeable. Which makes characters like Luigi Vercotti all the funnier. :-)

Lady April: I think that is very much him it seems. He just seems so level and in Python soo central to the rest of them. Very much down to earth, conscientious and intelligent. If only more men in this world were not only as cool but also as funny. I think it skips a generation.
Dude doeth totally ROCK though!!!

Terggi Hergenfueller: ......but the only problem was, I didn't WANT to cross the bleedin' road!!?? I'd just gotten to the corner, took me half-a-day with me walker, but NO, he had to be all Mister Helpful Sea Scout then, didn't he??? Left me stranded in the middle of the roundabout, he did!!!!!

Hmph~Terrgi Hergenfueller (Mrs.)

RSMBiggles: I think not, but PALUN ( an obvious derivitive of Palin and vice versa) Means "Please"
in a few languages

Lawliet at 9:08 am February 25

Palun is please in Estonian too=)
"Whats he do?nible ya bum?"
" must whip it!...whip it good!..."
"woke up one sock one to many!"

L I A at 8:20 am February 25

To go further on that Idee PalinG is in dutch a kind of Fish (no idea what it is in English). So maybe there's the inspiration for the fish slapping dance ;-)

Lady April: That sucks. Did he really do that??? No, that's not very nice.

BroMaynardG at 9:01 am February 13

. . . it's not meant to be taken literally.

It refers to any maltreaters of cats!


DonFrancesco: I personally witnessed Michael Palin kicking a cat in the shins. And I mean that in the plural sense. All four of its shins.

Monty Petra at 7:36 pm July 14

Cats are evil anyway.

MontyPythonLlama at 1:24 am February 13

He WHAT?! You're kidding right? I mean, you're not serious. When did you see this?????

Sukriti Singh

Romanes Eunt Domus!

RGHunt57 at 8:05 pm December 06

..maybe he was doing it to check the cat's reflexes.