cultural adaptation

i'm working on the Monty Python at university in france and i'd need the script of"time bandits". can anyone help me?
I m actually working on the difficulty of translating English humour...yes I m french...
Thanks for helping

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RSMBiggles: The book of the script available from Doubleday Dolphin, c.1981 ISBN: 0099260204
Has great photos and stuff too, try or
to find an available copy.

BroMaynardG: I knew you weren't from Quebecistan (in the Great White North), 'cause you did not finish each sentence with the questionable word "Eh?".

I Googled and found the dialogue (not actually "The Script") here -

I saved it as a WORD document, but we cannot attach a document to a REPLY.

So, I will post it as a BLOG named Time Bandits.

Interlingual humor esta muy interesante!

I'd be happy to give you a hand converting this into a script (Gee, that would mean watching the movie again, and again, and again (Happy, happy, joy, joy!)!

That would give you the character who said it and scene changes.

Would that help?

Otherwise you might just have to buy the script book, as mentioned by orangecow.

Susana Mendonca: Hi!
I'm a portuguese translator/subtitler and believe me... I do understand the problem your facing!!!
Try googling for SRT files for the movie and I think you'll manage to find the subtitling in english. That will do. It's just as having the script.
If you need any help just let me kno, maybe I can help you.

BroMaynardG at 9:03 am December 27

Hola Susana!

I took 2 years of High School Spanish, then took an opportunity to travel to South America.

YES, I knew that Brazilians spoke Portugese, but in keeping true to my role as an "Ugly American" I just spoke Spanish louder each time a Brazilian failed to understand me.

As a result, every morning I was given Coffee WITH Cream, no matter how loudly I requested in Spanish "Cafe SIN Leche". (In Portugese "SIM" means "WITH", for all the rest of you).

On the way back to the States, through Mexico City, I stopped at a "Discoteca".
Two senoritas sat with me, and I bought us all a few drinks.
(No, Senor Biggles, I did not get "lucky" and here's why!)

I accidentally bumped a chica's elbow, spilling her marguerita. I then pronounced;

"Perdoneme yo estoy muy embarasado!"

The maitre d' came over to see what the ruckus was about, the ladies explained, and he fell into a fit of laughter, himself. (I thought I must have told the deadliest joke in the world. "Oh, but I didn't see, that the joke was on me.")

He then told me what I had told the young lady - "Pardon me, I am very pregnant".

gna42 at 9:26 am December 27

Perdóneme, mi español es mala, pero pienso que "milk" es "la leche" y la "cream" es "la crema" y with es "con" y "without" es "sin". PERO! "cafe SANS crema" (o "creme") is verdad.

Pero yo podría equivocarme.

"Algunas cosas en la vida son malas, ellos realmente pueden hacerle ... locos" y ... "siempre consideran el Lado Brillante de la Vida ..."

BroMaynardG at 9:41 am December 27

Oh, Susana
Won't you try for me?
Gna's giving me a hassle,
On my vocab-u-la-ary!

(From an old U.S. folk song)

Susana Mendonca at 9:46 am December 27

Very well!!! Nice adaptation!

BroMaynardG at 9:56 am December 27

. . . on the Python Army!

It used to be said that the sun never sets on British soil.

Today is that true for our Army?

It would be interesting to know.

We have Sweden, France, Portugal, Australia (repeat three times (four Sir!) repeat four times, then say; "We love you, Amen! Crack two!"), the U.S. of A. (even Georgia LOL), Russia (apparently) and of course the Isles!.

What kind of international coverage DO we have?

Susana Mendonca at 9:15 am December 27

Again, I understand you quite well!
You know, we portuguese don't quite understant brazilian and vice-versa... Although we understand them better that they do portuguese on the accont of hundreds of hours of braiwashing soap operas... And yes, we also tend to speak louder in order to make ourselves clear!
Now, if you were in Portugal, "embaraçado" would be ok for you to use meaning "embarased", though the term we usually use is "envergonhado". ;-)
I can imagine how you must have felt!! LOL