A Deck of Python Cards: The First Suit

I love to play card games so I decided to make a Python deck of cards. However, instead of the spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds suits I decided to do something else. You'll probably notice that the kings and queen are Pythons. The Jacks (in three cases) are people they worked with in the two shows that led to Monty Python.

You can print out the cards and play any game you can play with a regular deck of cards. Or you can make up a specifically Python game. If you do make up a specifically Python game and wouldn't mind sharing the game please post the rules.

In addition to all four suits I've also included jokers and two card backs.

I'll start by posting my favorite suit: Confused Cats.

BTW: I got the idea to make a Python Deck of cards because of a comment made by BroManardG:
Thanks Bro :)

Edit: I forgot to mention this earlier: In most cases the Kings and Queens fit the suit in some way. In this case both Michael and Terry were in the Confuse-a-cat sketch. The jokers have a loose connection. In this case I made a the Cartoon Gumby the joker because according to an interview (It's on Pythonline somewhere) Michael is the one who came up with the Gumby characters.

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crzyltvn: I'll print 'em off and have a deck of python cards! (soon)

Well you're dead now, so shut up!

Jatta: these are lovely! :)

Anything goes...

CamelSpotter: I should definitely print out a set. Excellent idea! I love your choices for the face cards throughout the deck.

Videor Quaero Punctume

BroMaynardG: I often get blamed, seldom thanked!

My Daughter agrees about the Queen of Hearts and Her Grandmama (Yes, Biggles - named after Grandmama from "The Addams Family").


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pjev93: Great work! I love it!=D
I'll print them out when we get a new printer (it' broken...)

No time Toulouse!

PixelPixie: But I like it!
Wondering, who will be the King of Hearts?

arkennedy at 9:25 am June 05

...version of hearts: http://pythonline.com/images/arkennedy/a_deck_of_python_cards_the_third_...

Also if you click on the Deck of Python Cards tag you'll find all the Python Deck of card images I posted.

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DoryPython at 3:55 am June 05

Have to be a group photo!!! Justice!!!

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