Brian wants to be in these pics too.

I thought it was time for another Brian sighting. This may count as several though. Click "original" if it isn't animated.
Edit: I also made separate gifs of each Python with Brian. Click on the attachments if you want to see them.

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MontyPython93: Aaah that made my day xD Thx!!

christinah3000: great!

now he is...

the_thina: hahaha, this was just fab! simple, but extremely funny! :D

CamelSpotter: Very clever, and brilliantly executed.

Videor Quaero Punctume

Jatta: this is simply LOVELY! :) I love it.
Thank you!

Anything goes...

BroMaynardG: A Nods as good as a wink. . . . . !


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TheSister91: EDIT: I thought it was Thina's!! XD

btw a very good job... no matter who did it!