Can You Find Gilliam? 20 "Gilliam Landscape"

Here is the 20th "Can You Find Gilliam?" puzzle.

In this Gilliam landscape can you find all the Gilliam cartoons?

In addition, How many:

Spam cans
Holy Grails
Holy Hand Grenades
Cube Globes
16 ton Weights...

...Can you find?

Finally, How may Gilliams can you find?

Have fun :)

P.S. Because some of the images in this pic are so small it won't be considered cheating if you look at the original instead of the preview.

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TheRealGilliamFan: do Conrad Poo and his other characters count as Gilliams?

arkennedy at 2:12 pm September 29

It's been awhile since I made this one but if I remember correctly Conrad Poo did count as a Gilliam (as well as counting as a cartoon) because he used a photo of himself for that cartoon. Otherwise only the actual photos of Gilliam count as Gilliams.

Lvndr HppE: How long did it take you to make this?

arkennedy at 1:48 pm September 29

It's been awhile so I can't remember exactly how long it took me except that I spent over a week on it.

CamelSpotter: That's going to usurp Michael Palin and become my new desktop background. :)
Thank you so much; these are great fun!

Videor Quaero Punctume

arkennedy: If you want to know how many Gilliams, spam cans, 16 ton weights etc. to look for click on the "howmany" attachment in this post.

If you want to know where everything is click on the "where is everything" attachment.

If you don't want to know don't click on the attachments.

Lady April: Dam good thing I got my ne bi-focals this week otherwise me poor eyeballs'd have gone cross!


Jatta: BWILLIANT! :)
Good job, ark! :D I'm really having fun.

Anything goes...

arkennedy at 10:22 am March 07

I'm glad you're having fun. I had fun creating the image :)

arkennedy: In case anyone wants to know what to look for in the image just click on the attachment in this post.