Michael with an orange background

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WackyQueen: sexy man. sexy man indeed.. and this comes from a 14-year old. My friends think im creepy just because im sometimes attracted to older men. whats creepy about that? :(

pjev93 at 4:15 pm June 26

Yeah, I've been asking myself that question to...=/

No time Toulouse!

arkennedy at 4:33 pm June 26

... or only people to be attracted to older people. As long as your not planning on stalking them or something else along those lines (and I doubt you are) I don't think it's creepy. Many people on this site are attracted to the Pythons for example.
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pjev93 at 4:37 pm June 26

It's accepted here=)

But outside PythOnline; it's considered more as a really weird, and possibly sick thing...=(

No time Toulouse!

thedoctor92 at 12:39 pm June 27

all my friends think that I am very strange cause I love Mikey. There's nothing wrong with liking him, I'm not gonna go round stalking him or anything like that. Thank goodness for PythOnline, where we are all accepted for liking python and not feeling ashamed or embarrassed for doing so.
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arkennedy: Here is a black and white version of the photo:

arkennedy: To be honest orange isn't one of my fave colors either but I like the photo. Personaly I think he would look good with any background.

kisch: I love orange colour... and oranges... and this photo... and dear Mr Palin...

eMMI: love it. :) I'm not too big on orange usually. (for example I only have two pieces of orange clothing and both are work-shirts. :D) but this really brings out his.. cuteness. :D


"Lighten up baby I'm in love with you."

Lady April at 7:12 am December 24

like construction orange with retroreflective crap on them? I've got those too! Yea, I actually have a 80's era clubbing outfit I used to wear back in the day that is like as orange as orange could possibly be. Haven't worn it since 1993 or anything outside of construction gear since 2003. They say I'm borin'.

eMMI at 6:14 am January 04

these are 'Fanta World' t-shirts I'm talking about. :/

I work at a movie rental store and we had to wear them orange shirts (normally out work-gear is black and yellow) for a reason I can't remember anymore. horrid.

then again, not as bad as the bright, bright, bright yellow tees we had to wear during one campaign thingy. o_O


"Lighten up baby I'm in love with you."

Jatta at 6:25 am December 24

I don't like orange either, but this! :) Makes me love the colour :D

Anything goes...

Lady April: That is one of my favourite pictures of him! I love that face *sighs heavy n stuff*

arkennedy at 9:49 pm December 23

Glad you like the photo. When I read in your blog that some people hadn't seen the photo I decided to see if it was in the gallery. I didn't see it so I decided to post it.

Lady April at 9:52 pm December 23

This photo makes melt. Oh bother!