Brian Sighting - Canary Islands

I have an affidavit from a Python Army Regular that Brian was sighted here.

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Pachorruo: I always knew that Brian was a geographic island, now I have scientific information.

BroMaynardG at 8:33 am January 15

Which would mean that Brian has 'is 'ead between 'is Cheeks?

MAYNARD: I wish I hadn't said that!

WHISTLER: You did, Maynard, you did.


(P.S. OFF! - A lesson from the Iliad. - - - To make The Cyclops unwary, when The Cyclops asks for Odysseus' name, he tells him that it is 'Metis', Greek for 'no man' or 'nobody'(Think Clint Eastwood here). Once the giant falls asleep drunk, Odysseus and his men take the spit (stake) from the fire and drive it through The Cyclops' only eye. The Cyclops' cries of help are answered by the others of his race; however, they turn away from aiding him when they hear that "No man" is the cause of his woes.)

Therefore (wait for it) No Man Is An Island! (Running rings 'round you! Logically!))

Pachorruo at 1:17 pm January 16

Cheeky Islands ? no, you made that up LOL
The count of montecristo was a good fellow , he met Dostoyevky in a cocktail and they both drink Kamarazov vodka . Kafka is a good wheel , good for your car .It also can resist hard ground and never breaks . The Cyclops play in the NBA with Ulysses (Think Adam Sandler doing an Hannibal Lecter impersonation while jumping with only one leg and eating a chocolate cake while laughing , with pieces food falling in the ground). The Mynotaurus may have suceeded in Hollywood , he ´s a pioneer of the botox. To take spit from the fire is as good as to take ice
from the wire.
Every man is an island , you see I have no logical thinking . Every woman is a palm tree.
Every girl is a bossanova , every breath you take every move you make, everybody needs
somebody sometime, every much,etc.

So as philosophical thought the time of existence is a retrogade mistery of the cha cha cha.

tell me what ´d say , tell me what´d say right now, tell me what´d I say


BroMaynardG at 4:00 am January 14

. . . un cafe sin leche (pero, con azucar doble!)
(Before devaluation and the introduction of the Euro.

So, NOW try the bubble gum machine on the left! (Esta tus quarto!)

Brian's not here, man! Neither is Mario Lanzarote!

Nor is Minnesota's ex-Governator, the former heavyweight wrastler "Strong" Jesse (No phones, no lights, no motorcars) Ventura Island".

An affidavit is as good as a testimonial! I mean it's signed by a Notario Pubico!

The Scarecrow was satisfied with a testimonial. (The Wizard of Oz, NOT the Horse Without a Head (Google if you dare, Secret Agent Man #6 - "I am a man, not a number!" references rare - ties in to MP only if you replace Mel Gibson's face with Brian's in a "Braveheart" Image and say, "I'm not dead, yet!).

I do so love being multicultural!


Pachorruo at 7:13 am January 14

Cafe sin leche y azucar doble ? no good for diabetes.
The english must aceppt the euro hahahahhaa that will be good .
Mon Dieu estas tus quartos , that is mixed spanish with swahili .
The islands are Lanzarote and Fuerteventua . Brian´s head is a continent. He played ragas for the ISKON.
Lancelot is translated Lanzarote in Spanish so the island is connected with Monty Python and the Holy Grail in a holistic manner.
Jesse Ventura is the right candidate , he appeared in Predator and Ventura can take ventures , i heard .
Notario ¿Pubico ? are talking about the pelvis ? I think you mean Publico or maybe not.
Have you seen an ant with the fellows in the park transporting a crust of bread ?
go and doing now, it is quite an experience.
I am multi cultural , but there are not different cultures for the toilet paper.
There will be general elections in Spain this year . To vote or not to vote , vote for Brian.

BroMaynardG at 7:23 am January 14

. . . .Generalisimo Francisco Franco still dead?

We in the States know where Generalisimo "Burt" Noriega resides!


Pachorruo at 11:09 am January 14

I thought he was working as a dj in Ibiza. First notice of it.
You have elections in the States , now several politicians want to run the cha cha cha.