Brian Sighting - West Springfield, MA

State of Massachusetts
County of Hampden
United States of America, EDT


BEFORE ME, THE UNDERSIGNED AUTHORITY, personally appeared Maynard G., D.Div., who being
first being duly sworn, made the following statement this 13th day of January 2008, CE.

My name is Maynard G., D.Div.

I am an Un-Reformed Druid (we do NOT worship Bushes!).

I am a resident of West Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA.

I am a Python Army member (P.F.J. - Homeland Security).

I enlisted on October 2, 2007.

I have seen Brian in West Springfield, MA, this morning in fact.

He had on a baseball cap and was wearing a goatee. (Yes Gna, he was wearing clothing with a
heavy jacket, too.) (No Pachorruo a goatee is NOT a smallish goat.)

Brian has lived next door to me (one floor down) across the street for three years.

We had a litter of cats, he and his wife Judith took a pair (turned out to be a brother and
sister instead of two same-sex cats, so they now have a litter of their own).

Brian and I occasionally drink beer together.

Brian has an ex-wife, Loretta, who is a real Biatch, pardon my French!

He dotes on Brian, Jr. who occasionally is permitted by "she who must be ignored" to visit
Brian and Judith.

Brian pays a helluva lot in child support.

Brian, Jr. wants to be a boxer when he grows up.

Brian, Jr. was born on Boxing Day.

Brian, Jr. belches louder than I do.

They goes by the last name Cohan (very imaginative).

Sworn to this 13th day of January, 2008, 'round about 5:00 p.m., EDT.

Further, Affiant sayest naught.


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scottp: I had no idea??? Our lad Brian sure gets around...I think there is more to the story of Brian that will unfold with these resent sightings. everywhere I look there seems to be another sighting these days..I wonder if other stories will emerge from the sightings?? Only time will tell??? Hummmmmmmmmmm...

BroMaynardG at 7:48 am January 15

. . . about where he used to live. But he and Judith have lots of film (pix, vids, daugerotypes, woodcuts, and even a front page of the "Bedrock Gazette" {a lithograph of some sorts, photo and story by F.F. and B.R.}) showing all the places they've been.

He DOES have an accent, and occasionally finishes his sentences with an "eh?". I think he came from Canadinia. (Mandy, his mother, finishes her sentences with a burp {or it could be a Burma!}).

We'all had a great Christmas celebration, a double birthday, in fact for the Cohans! Brian, Jr. was there (he was more interested in playing in the boxes than in playing with his toy cross).

Birthdays? - Brian the 25th and Brian, Jr. the 26th of December (although they have plans for a second birthday for Brian, a lamb and herb dinner of no definite date and something about a bloody door-frame. I guess it's a variable 'oliday (burp), as Mandy says!

Does anyone have info on Brian's recent past?

Please, do tell!