Krebbs - Trunks - Electioneering!

This is a test. A Narcissistic one, but this is a test.

BTW - Hieronymous Bosch - a closeup of "Hell" is the overlay.

I cut out and made transparent the face of his painting (here in B&W), inserting my own avatar beneath the artistic piece from a Viennese Museum (where people come to see um). (LOL).

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BroMaynardG: blowing my own nose, as it were.

('specially since I am the only one OnLine right now.) Ha ha, Ha ha!

When (right in front of J.C.) Peter Sellers cut the nose out of the Rembrandt painting in "The Magic Christian", he left a void, a negative space. (Ref. to Blue Öyster Cult "Mirrors" (Album named "Mirrors" too, how original!) ("A mirror is a negative space. With a frame and a place for your face.") (Scott, please help me out here {alternatively, beam me up}).

I've seen "Brian Sightings" with other celebrity's images overlain atop Brian's (to whisper in his ear, or someothersuch), but I never THOUGHT in "layers".

So, like Peter Sellers, I cut a hole in a masterpiece. But then I used the hole as a frame.

Morally? - You can teach an old dog (like me) new tricks.