The Full Monty (Edit)

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gna42: naughty boy...

BroMaynardG at 5:19 pm December 02

That's just what Yahoo said, sir!

Just before they shut my late screenname (used for over 7 years and recognized 'round the world) down and eradicated all history that I had on Yahoo!Groups.

Just ask Sir Bedevere's wife! or Old Andrew! or Emma Peele!

gna42 at 5:25 pm December 02

Mrs. Emma Peele... I always wanted to be her... and marry John Steed... He had cool accessories...

There's no pleasing some people...
"That's just what Jesus said sir!"

BroMaynardG at 5:54 pm December 02

But, but, but . . .she married James Bond (In the George Lazenby one with Telly Savales).

She was murdered and Roger Moore was kneeling at her grave in a later movie.

gna42 at 5:58 pm December 02

that she was HOT?!

I think Carol Cleveland should have had more Emma Peele outfits... It was the same era...