my autograph of micheal palin arrived today

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mrsCutout: WOW!you lucky bastard!!i am sooo happy for you!!that is great! can i find my self one too?

TheSister91 at 6:59 am November 29

you can write at:

Michael Palin c/o
Prominent Palin Production
34 Tavistock Street
London UK

and good luck!!! :D

Tanya_Birklid19: Oh, you lucky girl!!! I better get started on mine! I live in the US but I don't know how many stamps to put on it! Would I need to bring to the post office and have them take care of it?

christinah3000: darling,

it may be silly now to say - but print a picture - send it... and he signs it personally for you - as you just got an old autograph which is standard!

you can get better ones - believe me!

TheSister91 at 2:43 am August 02

I have the same picture, but after a long check, I noticed that the ink is over the picture, which means that Michael personally signed that photo. when?? dunno, actually, but I think it's quite old... but it's original!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

christinah3000 at 1:15 pm August 03

It is personal of course!
And his signature...

but i meant that you can get a picture signed by him with a message by him etc.

if you just receive a card with his signature - it means that it is signed a long time ago.

CamelSpotter at 4:21 pm August 03

Videor Quaero Punctume

TheSister91 at 1:39 am August 04

unless you don't see him in the street and ask him an autograph with few lines, it's quite impossible to receive by mail a note from him!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

christinah3000 at 7:46 am August 04

well, then i was the lucky one - because i got one before i met him anyway...

as i sent some pictures and he signed it and wrote a short message on it.

check out: - michael palin

some others were lucky too.

TheSister91 at 9:34 am August 04

you MUST join the CSI division... We need a person like you, strong, tenacious and convinced!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

flopsy_mrs at 7:59 am August 04

bu ti'm still verry pleased with my autograph no metter what people say
gr iris

it bloody repeets

flopsy_mrs at 4:47 am August 02

i've noticed that to thanks for the support xd
gr iris
i apriciate it

it bloody repeets

TheSister91 at 6:39 am August 02

and moreover I believe in what I see!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

flopsy_mrs at 6:57 am August 02

thanl you verry much

it bloody repeets

CamelSpotter at 12:31 am August 02

I feel honored that he took the time to sign my bookmark, because I know it wasn't just from a stack of autographs set aside for fans. Yet at the same time, is there really that much of a difference? It's still an autograph from Michael Palin himself!

I'm very happy for you!

Videor Quaero Punctume

flopsy_mrs at 4:46 am August 02

thank you for the support i appriciate it
and i'm thrilled with the autograph xd

gr iris

it bloody repeets

CamelSpotter at 11:00 pm August 02

Who wouldn't be thrilled?

Videor Quaero Punctume

flopsy_mrs at 6:22 am August 03

dunno xd
gr iris

it bloody repeets

flopsy_mrs at 1:18 pm August 01

i do know that but i'm just happy nothing more
i just wanna be happy


it bloody repeets

Suz: im gonna work on mine tomorrow!! i cant wait!! :D

my brain hurts!

Polly: I'm so happy for you :D

flopsy_mrs at 12:00 pm August 01

thank you that is so sweet xd

gr iris

i'm so happy today

it bloody repeets

Suz: oooh lucky you!! i REALLY want to have one, but im scared!! i need corrage!! :D

flopsy_mrs at 9:33 am August 01

and write something it doesn't matter what xd i also needed currage but it's really satisfieng to get one really just go and do it what do you have to loose !!! xdxdxd and think it's supposed to be the nicest python xdxdxxd

gr iris

it bloody repeets

Suz at 9:42 am August 01

true true he is ment to be the nicest. ok, i shall have a think as the what to say. ooooh im excited now!! thanks for your engoragment!! and you as well. write something :D

TheSister91 at 9:30 am August 01

just write some foolish things and he'll send you an autograph... I did it! and also timmy and may other people here! are you encouraged now??

"Consider... consider the lily"

Suz at 9:34 am August 01

like what?? yer i am getting there. i need more encoragment though :D

flopsy_mrs at 9:40 am August 01

somethingk about you're self name age country things like that why you like him xd and you get a little note to xd together with the autograph xd
need more encurge ment???



it bloody repeets

TheSister91 at 9:37 am August 01

you'll receive a note from his secretary, but she's very kind!
btw, you can write your impressions or something sweet and kind to him!
it always works!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

Suz at 9:40 am August 01

ok, i shall have a think. ooooh, i am excited now!! :D.thanks for your engoragement. what does she say??

flopsy_mrs at 9:48 am August 01

well do that have a think xdxxd let me know when you sned the letter
uhm the note was verry verry short xd it said 'with compliments ' but i'm still verry verry hapy xd but i'm thinking should i wirt a think you note or shouldn't what do you think ??
gr xd


it bloody repeets

Suz at 9:51 am August 01

ok, this will take a lot o care and attention :D. i shall let you know. i see ok thanks. yer, write a thank you note. im sure that will please them. be nice and polite:D im going to. btw what address to you send it to?? im sure that will help if i know the addres:D

flopsy_mrs at 10:01 am August 01

yeah that should come in handy xd
mr palin : prominent palin productions ldt.
24 tavistoch straat london - uk - england

and i'll write an thank you letter right now xd
gr iris you got msn ???
it bloody repeets

Suz at 10:07 am August 01

thanks you very much. yer i thought so!:D. awsome. yer im gonna do one as well. like right after i recive the ultumate letter!! :D
yer i do. look at your private messages.

TheSister91 at 10:06 am August 01

Michael Palin c/o Prominet Palin Production
24 Tavistock Street
London England UK

now it should be correct!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

sit-on-my-face at 7:51 pm November 28

prominent or prominet?????

That's umbelievable!!!! He must receive thousands of requests!!!

Suz at 10:08 am August 01

thank you very much. ooooh im excited!!

TheSister91: *************
"Consider... consider the lily"

armenia67 at 8:02 am August 03

That is smashing! The adorable Python's autograph. Brilliant!!!