the pythons and carol as attilla the hun

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Leapy Lee: Look at those legs *sigh*
Anyway, I still prefer but I prefer the little Terry's appendicitis mark :DDD

Tax all people who stands in water !

flopsy_mrs at 12:19 am July 22

but you can't dinie that this is a weard foto with or without apendicitis mark :d


it bloody repeets

MontyPython93: Terry Jones? xD

flopsy_mrs at 1:26 pm July 19

all the pythons are on that picture :d
gr it bloody repeets

TheSister91 at 8:26 am July 21

Eric and Gilliam are missing! or is Eric the tree and Gilliam the grass???

oh no! I'm doing the BroMaynardG of the situation!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

BroMaynardG at 4:17 am July 22

Yes, a rake to the head (but only once).

Upon reading the post; "oh no! I'm doing the BroMaynardG of the situation!", I told Tere that I am now a cliche.

She congratulated me, 'cause I have been working on it for a long time!

I'm On A Roll! I'm On A Roll!

I believe that is a reference to an olde post, a Brian Sighting - a picture of a bush that he was hiding behind.

Now (and Roger, help me out here) wouldn't the world be a better place if the Bushes had learned the importance of 'Not Being Seen" ('specially the twins!)


Go Away Spammers | We Have All The Spam We Can Eat | Don’t Try Selling Us Any Goat-Hair Beards

TheSister91 at 5:54 am July 22

you should be very proud of you if you acheived what you wanted to be...
but it's hard being you!! lol
I'm learning to type as you do.
I'm desperate!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

kermit: She is such a beautiful woman. Carol, if your reading this, Marry me!!! Hi my name is kermit and I'm a carol fanboy!!


Pythonline Spammers!! You go to Hell!! you go to Hell and you DIE!!!

Jatta at 11:11 am July 19

I think you're drooling on the keyboard :)

Anything goes...

kermit at 10:58 am July 21

That obvious huh? I had to go out and buy a new one after seeing this pic. If more people respond to this post, I see many new keyboards in my immediate future!! I can't help it, she makes me wet!! (with drool of course) Pardon me, my drool bucket is overflowing again.


Pythonline Spammers!! You go to Hell!! You go to Hell and you DIE!!!

flopsy_mrs at 12:55 pm July 31

a buckid for misseur (from mrs creosot of meaning of live ) xd to catch all the droool


it bloody repeets

Jatta at 11:07 am July 21

is a bigger container for all that drool :D

Anything goes...

flopsy_mrs at 1:27 pm July 19

good one :d:d realy funny :d

gr iris hope hyou like the picture

it bloody repeets