this is from casper in 1995 i think

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MontyPython93: I never liked Casper...never. But I liked Eric! :D I like Eric! And I don't like Casper...

flopsy_mrs at 12:58 pm July 31

i like the way eric acts in the film but the film in geniral i don't like the story line

gr iris

it bloody repeets

the_thina at 5:37 am August 17

watched it again, just for eric, and was gravely dissopointed. what a sucky movie! :O
when not even eric can make a movie good its bad. VERY BAD!
sure, I lit up a bit when he came on, but he could not save the trainwreck of bad plots, boring characters and silly-not-in-a-good-way qualitys of it.
very very VERY bad movie. I feel sorry for eric and christina ricci for going through the rest of their lifes being accosiated with it. :(

BroMaynardG at 5:02 am July 27

- - - Caspar, Melchior, OR Balthasar.


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Leapy Lee: *Look at it* *dies*
IT WAS ERIC! God, I have to see this movie again!

Tax all people who stands in water !

flopsy_mrs at 5:28 am July 24

yaeh you have to see it again because it's really funny :d
well acvtually eric is funny :d


it bloody repeets

the_thina at 11:18 am July 24

eric is always funny. :)

the_thina: christ, havent seen this one for ages and ages, didnt even remember that he was in it.
when it came out I was right about the age when you stop beeing a kid and start beeing a hormonal puberty-bastard so I thought it was a silly-ass movie and was to busy with beeing angry about eveything to really pay attention to it.
and besides, the one or two times I saw it it was dubbed to swedish. and if there is something I hate its dubbed movies. if its cartoons it can be okay, but not movies with real actors in it.

piper_of_hameln: When I was a child I never realised that this guy was Eric. :o

TheSister91 at 3:08 am July 22

"Consider... consider the lily"

piper_of_hameln at 11:56 am July 23


flopsy_mrs at 6:48 am July 25

yep you're doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed :d

it bloody repeets

piper_of_hameln at 5:27 pm July 28

Well... I just have to be doomed. If you say it, Iris xD

flopsy_mrs at 12:57 pm July 31

yeah rabbea you are destend to be doooooooooooooooooooooomed xdxdxdxdxdx

gr iris
it bloody repeets

BroMaynardG at 5:28 pm July 28


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flopsy_mrs at 12:34 am July 22

shame on you :p i never saw the movie untill a few weeks ago when i went and rented it me 16 year old with a childerns dvd the guy was just laughing at me :d

gr it bloody repeets

jupiterblue: I love that movie!

flopsy_mrs at 11:08 am July 14

yeah i love the film to the way the way that eric does is just so funny :d
gr iris
it bloody repeets

jupiterblue at 7:17 pm July 24

I always felt bad for his character in this movie. :(

flopsy_mrs at 6:49 am July 25

yeah me to
i think it's really sad but in the end it turns good for him that his boss becoms a ghost xd and then that line of him just perfect


it bloody repeets