weard graham

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MontyPython93: Yummy! :P

flopsy_mrs at 5:24 am July 24


it bloody repeets

WackyQueen: Graham, rraw! My eyes are kind of stuck on Terry though. I dont think i ow you guys an explanation.. ;)

Jatta at 1:21 am July 27

I can see his nose too :)

Anything goes...

flopsy_mrs at 11:16 am July 22

well you don't have to explane but i think there both very verry beautiful

gr iris

it bloody repeets

PixelPixie: So freakin sexy!
Where is the pic from?

flopsy_mrs at 12:14 am July 22

a few days ago i was googleing and found this :s and ithougt well now that is something for pythonileso just found it on google :d

gr iris

it bloody repeets

PixelPixie at 5:02 pm July 24

Such a nice find!
Makes me drool :)

flopsy_mrs at 6:39 am July 25

thank you :d xd

it bloody repeets

Hanri: the pipe!

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!

flopsy_mrs at 4:26 am July 21

good one
gr iris

it bloody repeets