Killer Rabbit!

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BroMaynardG: We may have a patent infringement of copyright/trademark (or whatever) here! Eek!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like someone (our resident shyster who will remain nameless, {but whose initials are GNA42]) has made the "Killer Rabbit Slippers with Big Pointy Teeth. Buy Now!", (as advertised on "Ads by Google") - into a hand puppet.

This is much too similar to another puppet, a Bengal Tiger (who is offended by being goosed by us humans [proctologisticisers and other fetish practitioners])in our petting zoo [fn1].

I believe that this is a matter which should referred to the High Court - just to see which way the judge waggles his wig - then to be decided upon by a jury (which 'opefully will be a well-'ung jury - KWIM? NN,WW! SNM!)

[fn1] Compare the MPFC's "The Mouse Problem" to CSI's "Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas".

gna42 at 9:46 am December 05

I hollowed out some slippers and made a hand puppet...