And one more, while we're at it...

''just a short documentary about the appaling conditions under which you live''

Scruffy-ness is a must this season

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PalinsPrincess19: i found out that mike has a facebook page the problem is u can't write on his "wall" unless u get the security code just right which i hate...UUUGGGHHH!!! *Shakes a tree until a coconut falls from it causing Princess to get knocked out cold* X_X

galahadsgirl: at least the poet's been installed, the sideburns baby

!!!splendor falls on castle walls!!!

(>*I was just sayin' pineapple!*<)

jeremytoogood: So Michael, yapping on about something. Anyway, where does it come from? I 've racked what little brain I have, and nothing comes up.


LadyLovelace at 1:06 am April 15

Flying Circus, season one, episode 5 - I think - the one with all the poets


St Looney's up the cream bun and jam

jeremytoogood at 12:30 pm April 15

Oh I remember now! The living room on the sidewalk-if you look behind, you can see the pavement and people walking. Wasn't that filmed in Shephard's Bush, like right down from the Shephard's Bush empire? I lived in Shephard's Bush at one time, but more than ten years after that was filmed, if I'm correct anyway. I also attended a concert at Shephard's Bush empire in 1999-my favorite New Zealand band The Mutton Birds-and I think I remember looking at the sidewalk and remembering that skit.

Thanks for the info.

Lemming_Of_The_BDA at 1:22 am April 15

A tad off topic but lovelace I simply adore your new icon.
sorry but it had to be said.

and as for the Palin pic it is very cute and most definably yummy!

"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

LadyLovelace: rough-and-ready Python is always a nice thing.


"Lightly Killed"