My Mask!

Ok, let me be honest here:

I am basically posting this for one reason, and one reason only;

I just clicked the ''image gallery'' section and realized my ugly mug is still the picture appearing on the front page for the ''image gallery one'' category and well-
it sorta creeped me out


Before further damage is inflicted upon the many, the proud, and the rightously zany-
I thought I should do something and so I bloody well will.

I guess the title of my other thread ''shameless display of gruesome monstrosities'' can still be applied here so let this be part two..

as for the mask...I made this last weekend from the remains of a limping jehovah's witness and some coconut shrimps.It rains when I wear it.

(no really-who wastes shrimp?!)

I stay up too late, I really do- A terible thing for all of us
so anyways..I had to chose among several pictures of this mask as I photographed the whole creative process (somehow it seems more concrete digitally speaking) but I think that one shows its aura of creepy glamour.


I also put binocular lenses for eyes, in the future I might be adding a whole head behing it and so like you can see right in it's brain dude- far f'n out.

but thats an upcoming feature.
Your assignement for now rabies and gents is to


because as you well know the Looney is in the process of posting this nonsense.

have you seen Richard Lewis go on those pointless wordly succulent rants?
I sorta feel like that right now

wow amazing how I typed that and all the inspiration just vaccumed outta me..
ever sit staring at a screen for like 3 minutes planning to be spontaneous?
Well now I really am uninspired..
So much for Logos the mask I guess least i'm not wasting trees..

Be back when I learn proper posting etiquette

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BroMaynardG: Gwen!

Gwen Dibley: just a few more in case anyone is interested

''I'm a strange person''

Gwen Dibley at 2:04 am November 20

and of course original size viewing makes for ehanced imperfection of gory details

''I'm a strange person''

gna42 at 8:13 am November 20

and cheese for this?

Nora always mentions the corpses we have in the garage... (we've done special effects for the film industry for years)... she hates scary things though... won't ride a roller coaster even... odd child.

"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

kermit at 7:56 am November 20

You really ARE a strange person. Will you be my Fwiend?