Reversed Phsychology!

Because we Must use every weapon at our disposal to not convince people around the world Not to Join!!

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Ron Obvious: What did THAT get the American people?

Answer (well, another question. really): what do get with a Bush and a Dick in charge of the Congress?

(Hint: try an alternate definition for congress- with lower case 'c')

Bloody vikings!

Gwen Dibley at 12:01 am January 15

What a waste of flesh and oxygen

Ron Obvious at 12:06 am January 15

to waste to call him waste.

Bloody vikings!

Gwen Dibley at 12:29 am January 15

Actually implies that there is something to waste which there isn't.
And to call him stupid, would imply that he has reasonable cognitive processes and he's not using them at a given point, but he doesn't even have that.
And to simply call him mentally retarded would imply that he had an actual chance of beeing mentally stable ,which of course he doesn't.

So let's just call him

Mr President

Shall we?

Ron Obvious at 12:23 am January 15

for GWB that's even lower than waste...

any ideas?

Bloody vikings!

Gwen Dibley at 12:34 am January 15


nah, im kidding let's not get too serious here...

Pachorruo: I will revenge , I will join the Python Army hahhahahaha hahahhahahhahhhhahaahaha (maniac laugh)

As you can read this is an example of reverse psychology. the subjet refuse to be under authority and as a response falls in rebellion against the figure of the subconscious father
with the aspect of an army.
The treatment consist on 234 views of the "Life of Brian " plus c vitamin fixed directly under
your knees.

gna42 at 9:24 am January 14


"Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad..." and... "always look on the Bright Side of Life..."

Pachorruo at 11:01 am January 14

They are good people