Michael and Prince Charles 08 July

08 July 2009, visiting St Pancras almshouses to celebrate its 150 anniversary.
The Prince of Wales visited members of the elderly community living in North London today when he helped to celebrate 150 years of St Pancras almshouses.

Mr Palin, now famous for his television travel adventures, lives near the Camden almshouses and is a supporter of their work.
Mr Palin said: "I'm now 66 but if I was getting on a bit I would like to spend my time in places like this rather than in a small block of flats. I think they're really unique and something worth preserving."

(Sorry, I lost the original link, so can't provide it. The pic is from Getty).

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TheSister91: 66 years old and he's still soooo charming!!!! do you know if he drank the Elisir of Long Life or the one of Long Beauty????!!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

kisch at 9:59 am July 22

Yes, he is. Charming I mean. More so in person:)

TheSister91 at 1:23 am July 23

surely I would die!!!! I just fainted when I saw his letter so... the reaction is very predictible!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

WackyQueen: That pic makes me laugh, its like everyone is really interested in what Palin has to say. Not surprising, he rules!

kisch at 9:56 am July 22

He's usually saying a lot of interesting things:)
But I agree, this is a funny pic.