Mr Palin and Sir David

Michael and Sir David Attenborough.
From "BBC - David Attenborough - In Paradise and other Personal Voyages", 2005

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LucythatiscalledLucy: it looks like david's shouting at him and he's looking mildly disinterested!

Lady April: I'd turn gay for BOTH of em!!! :D

kisch at 12:47 am October 09

I JUST remembered ! Mike was in Au last year, promoting New Europe and he came to that very popular talk show on Au TV called "Rove". And there he was asked "who would you turn gay for ?" and Michael said " Owh... David Attenborough !"

christinah3000: cool..

retrogirl: thats so cute :) david looks like hes teaching Mike how to use a teacup...or whatever he's holding lol

eMMI at 12:53 am October 02

that's what I was thinking. :D

"Now sonny, this is a teacup. A TEA-CUP, used for drinking tea. T-E-A, ok?"

"Lighten up baby I'm in love with you."

BroMaynardG at 5:15 pm October 08


kisch at 10:51 am October 02

it's not a teacup ! as far as I remember from that docu, it's actually money, the thing that Mike's holding. And Sir David tells him that if you are not sure what the object is, you can easily say that it's either some thing of cult, or it is money.
Michael indeed looks like a schoolboy beside the great Sir David, I love it:-))))

crzyltvn: That Sir David person looks familiar...I think we've been watching some plant documentaries in my Botany class with him in them...

Mikey, cute as always. XD

Hanri: My dad has this certain attitude issue with Sir David... At one point they were constantly airing his documentaries on telly here, so dad just decided to call all of them "oh-another-documentary-'bout-Attenborough". Dads don't watch everything, do they.

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