Terry Jones... Writer

This is a cap from the wonderful documentary called "Inside The Labyrinth" about making of the movie to which Terry partly wrote the script. There are some little bits of Terry's interview there.
I first saw this movie in 1992, so it was actually the first time when I saw any of the Python's names ! I had no idea who was Terry Jones (or Monty Python then).

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kisch: real beauty !

kisch: I do !

what_the_fuck at 4:38 pm August 16

what is he talking about?

christinah3000 at 10:30 am August 17

about the creatures he created for the film and how they should look like and move!

what_the_fuck at 10:31 am August 17

he must have created awesome creatures!

crzyltvn at 1:46 pm August 16

He puts a lot of passion into what he says...and looks funny whilst at it! XP

christinah3000 at 2:10 pm August 16

i am sure he is a very passionate man!

crzyltvn at 2:47 pm August 16


kisch: but I cannot stop

Miss Tree at 3:10 pm August 16

this is not boring at all! Its screen caps of Terry for crying out loud.. how could it be boring?!!
Haha I love how he gets so excited and animated when he talks about stuff he is just like me in that respect.

kisch: :)

kisch: yup

kisch: :)

kisch: :)

kisch: :)

kisch: here goes
(damn, I'm messing it up !)

christinah3000: i really loved the film as a kid and i had no idea that terry had been one of the writers, years later i got the documentary and to my suprise, it was terry.. but as he said himself, lots of things got changed.. but at least, we have this lovely and very funny interview!

Miss Tree at 3:11 pm August 16

Now i GOTTA see this interview. Where can I find it?

kisch at 3:33 am August 17

it's from the special edition of the film Labyrinth, from the docu called "Inside the Labyrinth".

Miss Tree at 9:43 am August 17

I think I have a friend who has that movie. Must borrow it!