Brian Memorial Plate

Thanks to 'EYE' for this one.

The Gnome Memorial Plate Company is delighted and honoured and privileged to offer this unique souvenir of Brian. This very wonderful portrait is the work of the world's most renowned plateologist, Sir Rodolpho Stoddie, and has been handcrafted by the world's most gifted ceramicists, working in the traditional porcelain factories of Hua-Ko Province in China.

In years to come your Brian plate will not only be a heart-warming memento of the world's most loved film star, it will be a unique investment opportunity to be passed down to your children and grandchildren and their live-in partners, and adopted step-children from Malawi.
WARNING: The Brian plate is a delicate work of art. You should not put it in the dishwasher, expose it to strong light or hide it in a cave, as there is a possibility that it will disappear only to reappear 3 days later.

Send 399 Euros to
Brian Plate Offer
The Gnome Novelty Plate Company
Unit D,
The Silver Oak Industrial Estate,
MJ94 1OU

Alternatively send your credit card details by private message to me via this site.

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TheSister91: that's really nice!!!

"Consider... consider the lily"

Lancaster Bomber at 7:24 am August 18

and cheap at the price.