Monty Python's Instant Record Collection - contents

Side 1
Alistair Cooke : Nudge Nudge : Mrs Nigger Baiter : Constitutional Peasants : Fish Licence : Eric the half a bee : Australian Table Wine : Silly Noises : Novel writing : Elephantoplasty : How to do it : Gumby Cherry Orchard : Oscar Wilde
Side 2
Argument : French taunter : Summarised Proust competition : Cheese Emporium : Funerals at Prestatyn : Camelot : Word association : Bruces : Parrot : Monty Python things

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Hanri: Aa, memories, memories... Few years back we did a play titled "Italian Capriccio", which based on the piece of music, and I was practically the only one who new how to work the recorder to get the right part of the music to play in the right part of the play..

A sad sad story about a dying girl who's last hallucination was that she was hallucinating (about her dead mother) at home where his father had finally come back home sober. (Yes Bro, the girl was hallucinating that she was hallucinating, you read absolutely right.) Beautiful, but sad.

* * *

Please be gentle with me, I come to pieces, literally!