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I found this recent picture on a site which has 54 photos altogether. I couldn't spot it in the gallery so hope I've not duplicated. Haven't posted the link - didn't want to spam.

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kisch: Please post the link !
Will be greatly appreciated !

the_thina: as long as the link goes to something python-related that dont count as spam.
spam is comersials for making money.
so put up the link in here, no one will be angry with you. :)

Lancaster Bomber at 1:15 pm September 07

Thanks for that.

the pics can be found at :-

kisch at 8:57 am September 09

thankyouuuu !

flopsy_mrs: my heart is melting so adoreble !!! thanks for this one !!
i sooooooooo love michael in the pic thanks man

gr iris
it bloody repeets