I've found Brian!!!

He was just out for a drive finding an answer to that age old question...
What IS love?
So baby, don't hurt him.

If you really must know yes, I made this, shows you how much free time I have on my hands.

Thanks for the help everyone
I made a second one!

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the_thina: haha! I love it!

themontyfreak: Took me a second to figure out the movie reference.

Romanes eunt domus...People called Romanes they go the house?

Mr Nudge: (cause that's all I got) to do the Bob Dylan you and me in the car like the one you did above xD

If two dollars isn't enough, I promise you my first son, and I shall make you loverly gold out of straw. Because I can do badass things when I want something bad enough lol!

My name is spelled like 'Mr Nudge', but it is pronounced, 'Throat Wobbler Man-Grove".
"The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with." ~Marty Feldman

love it.

BroMaynardG: How Wayne of me!

(Bohemian, I'd Say!)

10 Stars!

PalinsPrincess19: This pic is hilarious!

Lemming_Of_The_BDA at 9:04 pm May 05

It's so hypnotic
It also seems popular.

thanks everyone I'm so happy people like it x3

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

arkennedy: I can't seem to stop staring at it.

Great job Lemming :)

barfolishus: That is great!!!! Holy Moly, that is hilarious!! hahahahahahahhahahaha

I think sexual exstasy is highly overrated

crzyltvn: That's awesome. Great, now I have that song stuck in my head...

Well you're dead now, so shut up!

Johnnyrose: ... that's what I call DANCING!!
Good job, Lemm!
"Welease Bwian!"

Jatta: Well done! :) I love it!

Anything goes...

MattInTheWallet: xD!! That makes the song even better!

**Cheeky Monkeys, Cheeky Monkeys!**

Hanri: Now it's totally stuck in my head! AGAIN! Hilarious! Really well done, Lemmo!

* * *

Lemming Curry?

Mr Nudge: Oh my god xP
I love this. I'm dying. I have yet to download gimp though. It doesn't work for my laptop, so I'll have to wait until this weekend.

"...And I'd like to conclude by puttin' my finger up mah nose!"

CamelSpotter: How exactly do you animate these things?

Videor Quaero Punctume

Lemming_Of_The_BDA at 8:02 pm March 16

it's like photoshop only FREE!

if you need help from there I'd have to walk you through it (though I did make a tutorial somewhere around here) but basically you make different layers and save it as a .gif

I brush my teeth everyday.
"Know what I mean? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more! Say no more!"

CamelSpotter at 9:38 pm March 16

I'll make sure to check it out this weekend. Until then, I'll just admire yours!

Videor Quaero Punctume